Gay Affirmative Therapy Book Review by Dr. Martin Kantor 

In his new book, Joe Kort sets himself twin goals: informing straight therapists about the gay and lesbian community and telling straight therapists how to do gay affirmative therapy with their gay and lesbian patients. Kort not only meets his goals, he exceeds them. 

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Journal of Gay & Lesbian Mental Health, 13:69-71, 2009

Originally printed in the Detroit Jewish News

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Positive Therapy: Setting the gay record……straight!

Kort’s interesting concept is that lesbian and gay people suffer not only from internalised homophobia, but actually from posttraumatic stress disorder rooted in their upbringing of ‘covert cultural sexual abuse’ and family disapproval.

He references Erikson’s developmental model, but identifies ‘developmental insults’, and suggests a differential diagnosis using gay affirmative therapy principles for common mental health disorders.

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Therapy Today, November 2008 issue by Margaret Evans

Got a therapist? Give them this: 

by Jason Salzenstein

For many people in the LGBT community, finding a good therapist is made more challenging because we’ve got the added burden of making sure that the therapist we choose is not just on the same page as we are in terms of his or her style of therapy, but also that he or she is “gay affirmative.” And while many therapists may have absolutely no problem with homosexuality, same-sex relationships, or even talking about gay issues or topics with their clients, that’s often not enough.

That’s where gay affirmative therapy for the straight clinician: The Essential Guide  comes in.

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EDGE National Style & Travel Editor Saturday Jul 26, 2008

Five Questions with Kort: Royal Oak-based therapist releases new book – and inner comedian

By Chris Azzopardi

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Originally printed 03/27/2008 (Issue 1613 – Between The Lines News)